Critical Friends

The Emerging Role of Stakeholder Panels in Corporate Governance, Reporting and Assurance


About the report

Critical Friends is a research report, produced by _AccountAbility and UTOPIESŪ, which examines the experience of businesses convening stakeholder panels made up of external experts or stakeholder representatives, to help strengthen the company’s strategy, performance and accountability in relation to sustainability.

At its core is a detailed examination of the experiences of Areva, BT, BP, EDF, Camelot, Gaz de France, Ford, Nike and Vodafone, based on interviews with both company practitioners and panel members. The report provides practical guidance in developing effective panels, and looks at how panels can contribute to the ongoing developments in better corporate governance, reporting and accountability.

It will be particularly useful to:
• Corporate managers considering, developing or reviewing a stakeholder panel as part of their own company’s approach to transparency and responsiveness.
• Independent assurance providers and panel conveners supporting companies in developing effective and credible panels.
• Panel members and potential panel members in understanding the role that panels can play in influencing business.


About the website

This website is under construction.You can already download the interactive report, and share your experience and thoughts on the forum.The final version will also allow you to access the public statements from the report own advisory panel ,the presentations from the March 8th launch in Paris, and the resources referenced in the report.



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